Obtained Dismissal of Federal Indictment Before It Became Public

SouthBank Legal represented a citizen of a foreign country who was charged by a federal grand jury with international parental kidnapping.  After a contentious divorce in the United States, the individual and his children returned to his home country without any knowledge of the federal indictment or even any investigation. Then, on an international business trip, he was arrested and detained based on the previously undisclosed charges. In response to this fraught situation, SouthBank Legal conducted a detailed forensic examination of communications between the individual and his former spouse, uncovered extensive information from the divorce proceedings, and prepared a report showing not only a lack of foundation for the charges, but that the indictment was based upon fabricated evidence. SouthBank Legal conducted extensive negotiations with the federal prosecutors and secured complete dismissal of the charges in addition to a written statement by the prosecutors that the individual faced no charges and was not subject to any investigation. SouthBank Legal preserved the privacy and reputation of the client by resolving this situation without the investigation or indictment ever becoming public.

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