Our experience makes us efficient.

We’re proven trial attorneys, prepared to advocate on your behalf regardless of your case’s complexity. Our litigation practice covers a broad spectrum, from advisory work to representing clients in multi-party, multidistrict litigation and defending our successes on appeal. SouthBank has the depth, skill, and experience to handle the most complex and high-stakes disputes. While we welcome a trial when necessary, we know that the vast majority of lawsuits settle outside the courtroom. That’s why we develop the most efficient strategies for pretrial litigation and effective negotiations to achieve your goals.

Prudent and early settlements are usually better than wars of attrition.

We understand that tempers can justifiably flare when disputes arise. However, when you are in the middle of a heated dispute with another party, you need someone on your side who can provide objective guidance about the likelihood of success and the potential costs. Because commercial litigation is typically business-oriented, we leverage our deep experience to provide you with an experienced cost-benefit analysis to help you make an informed decision.

Almost every lawsuit can reach a point where you are throwing good money after bad. Strategically marshaling the evidence, managing discovery, and settling outside of court or by means of alternative dispute resolution can help you resolve your dispute quickly and cost-effectively. A skillfully drafted settlement agreement can help you maximize your positive outcome while minimizing potential future costs and the possibility of getting an adverse decision in court.

Our lawyers have successfully represented clients in mediations, arbitrations, and judicial settlement conferences. When appropriate, we utilize these alternative dispute resolution tools to end lawsuits and reduce the costs and delays common with civil litigation.

We have extensive, broad-based litigation experience.

Settlement is not always an option, and we are fully prepared to litigate your case aggressively to get the results you need. SouthBank Legal attorneys have represented clients in both trial and appellate litigation involving a wide range of subjects, including: