Obtained Largest Bench Trial Verdict in Indiana History for a Military Contractor

SouthBank Legal represented a military contractor that created armored vehicles for use during the Iraq War and for which the government claimed it was overcharged. In fact, a downstream supplier, one of the top five defense industry companies in the world, had been overcharging for the armor used by SouthBank Legal’s client to protect American troops. SouthBank Legal worked with an AmLaw 100 firm to sue the supplier for hundreds of millions of dollars in contractual damages. SouthBank Legal also mounted a successful defense against $700 million in counterclaims by the supplier that alleged the client had stolen trade secrets, when it actually had been working to reverse engineer the armor system to avoid the excessive charges. The court ultimately denied the supplier’s suit in a nearly 200-page order and entered a $277 million judgment in favor of SouthBank Legal’s client. To SouthBank Legal’s knowledge, this was the largest bench trial verdict in the history of the state of Indiana.