Every business is different. That’s why we make your business ours.

It takes more than legal acumen to alleviate your company’s unique labor and employment concerns. It also takes a comprehensive view of your industry and operations. At SouthBank, we address our clients’ labor and employment issues in the broader context of their business operations. By knowing your business and sharing your strategic vision and values, we work collaboratively to help you achieve solutions that manage your legal risks and accomplish your business goals.

Nipping problems in the bud.

We help clients address workplace issues before they boil over into full-blown disputes. Unfortunately, unresolved employment issues can lead to toxic work environments, not to mention costly administrative and judicial litigation. Through comprehensive problem-solving and counseling, our attorneys help employers prevent molehills from becoming mountains.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

It’s cliché because it’s true. Investing in your company’s internal operations to prevent labor and employment disputes can save you a significant amount of money in the future. Still, the dividends often go beyond the bottom line—reducing conflict increases your company’s productivity and reputation among your employees.

We work closely with our clients to develop creative, forward-thinking policies and procedures to reduce conflict and disputes. Whether it’s a mechanism for addressing employee concerns, an anti-discrimination policy, or a leave system, we don’t hand you a template or form document. Instead, our policies not only ensure you are in compliance with the law but are also uniquely suited to the challenges your business faces.

Hands-on, day-to-day guidance.

Many companies spend an incredible amount of time developing workplace policies to sit on a shelf and gather dust. We work with our clients to implement, apply, and monitor those policies, providing real-time guidance on how your employment policies should apply to the issues you encounter in your daily operations. Along the way, we can identify where you need to bring your operations into compliance with your policies or where you may need to update your procedures to better meet your operational needs. So whether you need some fine-tuning or are looking for broad implementation of a sweeping new policy, we help you make the changes you need seamlessly and with minimal disruption.

Compliance is critical to success.

Today’s businesses are subject to a broad spectrum of laws and regulations. Whether it’s an industry mandate or a governmental obligation, failing to comply with these requirements can disrupt your business and result in lost revenue and missed opportunities. Therefore, we stay abreast of the law to provide our clients with timely legal guidance to prevent non-compliance issues before they happen.

When labor and employment disputes are unavoidable, we focus on results.

With the most current law-office technology and an exhaustive understanding of the myriad regulations and statutes that govern workplaces, we navigate our clients through the various administrative bodies and courts that decide employment disputes. Whether representing an individual or a company, we stay focused on getting you from problem to solution.

Let’s talk.

Whether you are a business or an employee facing a single issue or need institutional help, our labor and employment attorneys can meet your needs. To discuss your challenges and how we can help, contact us today.