We have the local expertise to make you look good for your clients.

Given the big-firm experience of our attorneys, combined with our intimate knowledge of local practice developed by clerkship and litigation experience, SouthBank has served as a local and co-counsel for many national firms in a variety of lawsuits. As a result, we provide national and lead counsel with detailed information and strategic considerations specific to our geographic areas. This, in turn, enables lead counsel to advise clients with “on the ground” information.  And because SouthBank is not a competitor with the firms we serve as local counsel, there is no risk of turf wars or infighting over client representation.

We know our way around the local courthouse.

Procedures are far more critical than many people realize. Failing to follow local legal procedures or court rules can lead to costly delays and even jeopardize your case. Working with local counsel saves time and money that you could spend on having another lawyer learn to navigate the local court system. As seasoned litigators, we’re able to quickly jump in and push your case forward seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Leverage your success with our deep experience and knowledge of the law.

Our firm was founded in 2008 and built on the success of our three founders who started their careers at national AmLaw-ranked law firms. Since then, we’ve assembled a team of over 20 attorneys, each with a unique focus and specialized knowledge of the law. As a result, we take great pride in being considered one of the leading law firms in our area. We have extensive ties to our local business community and have deep roots in the area that help us provide top-notch legal services to national organizations that need local counsel.

When you work with SouthBank, you’re getting a team.

One of the challenges in finding local counsel is distance. Despite the conveniences of modern technology, clients need to know that their lawyer will be available. Unfortunately, all too often, out of sight means out of mind for both the client and the lawyer. And as a result, miscommunications arise, or the case languishes.

Our team approach is one of the things that makes us unique. Every client is a client of the firm, meaning that you always have access to an attorney when you need it. This also means that we collaborate on your case, drawing upon other practice groups that can help us get a better result.

Whether your case is complex or straightforward, we can help.

With practices focused on areas from commercial litigation to intellectual property, our firm is positioned to handle sophisticated matters involving cutting-edge legal issues and high-stakes litigation. We can also help with more minor, relatively straightforward matters that require local counsel. That said, every case we handle, whether large or small, receives our utmost attention. Our goal is to deliver the best results possible, quickly and cost-effectively.

If you need local or co-counsel, SouthBank is your firm.

Finding the right firm to partner with is a big decision. We’re happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to learn more about what SouthBank can do for you.