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As industries like energy, life sciences, manufacturing, and transportation expand and evolve rapidly across the Midwest, the global law firms that represent corporations in these sectors must often find local counsel in the regions where complex commercial disputes arise.

SouthBank Legal is the firm of choice for companies and law firms requiring on-the-ground allies in the Northern and Southern Districts of Indiana, the Seventh Circuit, and Indiana state courts. Its attorneys have extensive experience in managing complex matters with disparate and numerous co-counsel, as well as deep roots in the regional business community, enabling them to offer top-notch legal services to national organizations while helping save clients’ resources.

SouthBank Legal’s credentials rival those of the nation’s largest law firms, where many of its attorneys previously practiced. Two-thirds of SouthBank Legal’s attorneys graduated from Top 25 law schools, and many clerked for federal district and circuit court judges. These backgrounds enabled SouthBank Legal’s attorneys to form extensive national networks throughout AmLaw 100 firms. Now many of their former colleagues, classmates, and friends trust SouthBank Legal to provide them with detailed information and strategic considerations specific to its geographic areas, without risk of turf wars or infighting over client representation.

SouthBank Legal is known for its responsiveness and collaborative culture. Its practitioners are skilled in sophisticated litigation, including bet-the-company cases and intellectual property disputes, as well as alternate dispute resolution and corporate transactions. Their goal is always to deliver the best results possible, quickly and cost-effectively.

Finding the right firm to partner with is a critical decision. We’re happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have; contact us today.


“When we partnered SouthBank Legal with major, national firms on complex litigation, those firms always validated SouthBank Legal’s work. SouthBank interacted and meshed seamlessly, including at trial.”

— Dan Dell’Orto, General Counsel (former)
AM General

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practiced at Am Law 100 firms


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served as prosecutors

Case Studies

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Inside Baseball: SouthBank Legal Used Its Unique Knowledge of an (Unwritten) Local Court Practice to Secure an Astounding Recovery

Working with an AmLaw 10 firm, SouthBank Legal helped one of the country’s leading children’s hospital systems attain a total victory in the Northern District of Indiana against one of the world’s largest ...

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Obtained Largest Bench Trial Verdict in Indiana History for a Military Contractor

SouthBank Legal represented a military contractor that created armored vehicles for use during the Iraq War and for which the government claimed it was overcharged. In fact, a downstream supplier, one of the top five defense industry companies in the world, had been overcharging for the armor used by SouthBank Legal’s client to protect American troops.

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