Our experience enables us to identify risks early and save you money often.

The SouthBank team has years of experience litigating commercial real estate disputes. Because we’ve worked with challenges that an unclear contract can create, we’re able to identify potential risks before negotiations even begin. That experience will serve you and your bottom line well.

While you can’t always eliminate the potential risk involved in a transaction, we can help you identify and manage that risk. We start with a global review of the contracts and other agreements that are involved in your transaction. Next, we identify the provisions that may be problematic for you and may require clarification or negotiation. Ultimately, we make sure any agreement you have to sign is fair and that your interests are protected.

We also walk you through the key provisions to make sure you understand the underlying implications of the transaction, both your rights and your responsibilities. We welcome questions and aren’t afraid to dig into the granular details of the agreement with you. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision, so you are entirely comfortable with the transaction.

We keep you engaged in the process.

Some firms treat contract review and negotiation as a solitary exercise, disappearing with the paperwork and returning only when they have questions. SouthBank Legal spends extra time at the beginning of our relationship learning your business, understanding your business temperament, and identifying your goals and your non-negotiables. Then, to maximize efficiency and ensure you get exactly what you want, we keep you engaged throughout the process. Our team is responsive and highly communicative, so you will always know exactly where things stand and what happens next.

We don’t negotiate terms just for the sake of negotiating terms.

Some lawyers will spend time negotiating each and every term of a commercial deal, even those terms that don’t matter much to their client. Unnecessary negotiations can add unneeded layers of cost and contention to a deal, two things that neither side wants. We’ll help you identify risk in your real estate deal and advocate effectively on your behalf, but we won’t waste your time and money fighting unnecessary battles.

Experienced real estate representation from inception to closing.

Many people think they only need a lawyer to review the purchase contract or when it’s time to go to closing. However, the right real estate lawyer can bring value to the transaction from the moment you have identified your real estate needs. We help our clients do the groundwork, so they have a solid foundation before entering into negotiations. Understanding your goals and priorities helps us structure the deal from the outset. And by engaging with us early in the process, you don’t lose time bringing an attorney up to speed when your time is most valuable.

Work with us.

When you work with us, you are not just hiring a law firm; you are gaining a partner. From sophisticated multi-million dollar deals to more modest transactions, we can help you navigate the process. Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can help you meet your goals.