Orchestrated Defense of Former President Against Claims of Over $100 Million in Damages by $4 Billion Publicly Traded Company

SouthBank Legal represented the former president of a global equipment supplier against multiple claims that he misused confidential information and breached various obligations to the company. The executive risked losing decades of stock awards and faced damages of over $100 million. As part of its multi-faceted and aggressive defense, SouthBank Legal obtained cell phone records, text messages, and emails from the defendant’s executives and board members. After detailed analysis led SouthBank Legal to determine that the plaintiff’s CEO had deleted evidence after the lawsuit was filed, the court ordered a forensic examination of his phone. Following scores of depositions and extensive discovery, including a three-day Rule 30(b)(6) deposition, SouthBank Legal secured summary judgment on the plaintiff’s noncompete claims.  SouthBank Legal thereafter negotiated a settlement on the eve of trial. Following SouthBank Legal’s forensic work and comprehensive discovery, the plaintiff’s board reduced the CEO’s pay for violating corporate policies.

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